An Integrated Platform to Increase Safety, Efficiency and Sustainability

With VisuCar Connect, you can manage your equipment, fleet and sites all from a single pane of glass. One application can view the whole company across three regions.

" Be Connected. See better. Operate Smarter."

Burak Turkoglu - Founder

One Application for Whole Company

VisuCar Connect is your central application. Through state-of-the-art interface and intelligent modules it is your main tool to control all of your KPIs

Vehicle and Driver Connectivity

Your vehicle can send any information including critical sensor data, vehicle data and real time image. Your Driver is connected through VisuCar app.

Intelligent Fleet

Fleet Data is being processed by VisuCar AI Engine to do real-time safety, efficiency and route analysis.


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Connectivity, Visibility and Remote Control

Use our vehicle telematics control unit with additional sensors and video technology powered by AI to protect your important assets. Capture and address any risks in real-time across your operations.

  • AI Dash Cams
  • Vehicle Telematics
  • Site Visibility

Real Time Visibility

Gain real-time visibility across production facilities, remote assets, fleets and end-customer services, to enable digital transformation on a massive scale.

  • GPS Fleet Tracking
  • Fuel And Maintenance
  • Equipment Monitoring

Workflows & Reporting

Streamline workflows and increase productivity. Set benchmarks and make business decisions using data points captured by VisuCar.

  • Apps and Driver Workflows
  • Reporting
  • Fleet Electrification

How VisuCar Helps Your Business

1Increase Efficiency
Be it Fuel & Maintenance, GPS Fleet Tracking, Smart Trailers, Asset Tracking, Apps & Driver Workflows or Compliance we help you increase your efficiency.
With AI Dash Cams, Driver Safety & Coaching, Safety Reporting & Insights, Equipment Tracking, Site Security Modules VisuCar helps you increase safety and security of you operations.
With EV suitability Assess, real-time charging status and alerts, EV Route Planning and Energy Usage Tracking we help you adapt EV transition.

Your Business Will Thrive

With the help of digitalisation of your mobility operations, you will see all your KPIs improving.

Check the Solutions section show how flexible and efficient your business can grow with VisuCar.

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  • 1
    Focus on customer success. We build relationships with our customers.
  • 2
    Build for the long term. We are building an enduring company that makes a positive impact on the world.
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    Adopt a growth mindset. We are curious and have an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • 4
    Be inclusive. We create an environment where people can bring their whole, authentic selves to work.
  • 5
    Win as a team. We win together, celebrate together, and support each other.

We strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction for all industries we serve: Transportation & Logistics, Food & Beverage, Field Services, Construction, Shared Mobility, Government, Higher Education, Utilities.

Our goal is to help your company mobility operations achieve its full potential and establish long term profitability.

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  • We will ask your daily operations and needs
  • We prepare a demo addressing your need
  • Get ready to see results even after only 30 days
  • We extend the solution to your fleet and mobility operations.

Our Solutions for Smarter and Cleaner Mobility Operations


We're Passionate About Connected Mobility

Visucar aims to make mobility operations safe, efficient and sustainable using the data it generates.

VisuCar is a pioneer in connected mobility cloud, which allows businesses to be proactive in their mobility operations.

Customers across a wide range of industries including transportation, wholesale and retail trade, construction, shared mobility services and logistics can leverage advantage of VisuCar Mobility Solutions.


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